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What does 'comfort' mean to you?

The rumbling in the distance sounds like explosions, and Tom shivers. When he walks into the lounge room and sees the curtains open, it takes him a moment to get his panic under control and he has them half-way closed before he even realizes it. It isn't until the lightning splits the sky that he can make himself truly believe this is just a storm and nothing else.

Another rumble sounds, closer this time, and he can't quite hold in the whimper. Lightning flashes, and he sees Blaise reflected in the window, heading towards him with a worried look on his face. Strong arms go around him and turn him away from the window, and those blue eyes hold his gaze. There is no ridicule or annoyance in that blue gaze, just reassurance and comfort, and a fierce protectiveness. "It's just a storm, Tom. You're safe here," he murmurs, and Tom holds him close, flinches as another crack of thunder sounds from nearly overhead.

Blaise carefully leads him away from the window and to the bedroom, then they settle on the bed together, Tom wrapped in his protective embrace. "Just a storm, my heart. I've got you, you're safe..."

This, to Tom, is comfort. It's something he told himself he never needed, but when the irrational fears grip him and the thunder makes him think the bombs are coming again, two warm arms around him and a gentle soothing voice is exactly what he needs. Calm, now, he drifts off to sleep, knowing he can trust Blaise to not only protect him, but to never tell anyone that he needs this as much as he does.

Fandom: Harry Potter
Muse: Tom Riddle, the boy who becomes Voldemort
Word Count: 276 per PocketWord
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